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Jamison is dedicated to delivering prompt and courteous service to all of our customers. That is why we stock most repair parts in our multi-million dollar inventory and can ship stocked parts the same day if the order is received before noon. This is just one more way that Jamison delivers.

Baldor Specialty Foods

Project Overview

Baldor Specialty Foods is one of the largest importers and distributors of fresh produce and specialty foods in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. To better meet the demands of the New York area and to increase product lines, Baldor expanded their operations. In addition to design and architectural work performed by Cybul Cybul Wilhelm Architects and engineering and construction by Dresdner Robin, Girandola & Shutkind Construction Corporation was chosen as the cold storage contractor. They decided to use Jamison Door Company products for their role in the expansion of Baldor Specialty Foods. “This expansion solidifies our Bronx location as the headquarters of Baldor Specialty Foods,” said TJ Murphy, owner and CEO of Baldor, in a press release. “We are proud to make this investment in the Bronx, to strengthen our commitment to Hunts Point, and to continue to be a strong supporter of the area’s overall economic development.”

The expansion mostly included new temperature zones for produce, as well as new loading docks, to help Baldor increase its product lines with new fruits and produce to serve the area’s top restaurants and grocery stores. The 110,000-square-foot expansion of the Baldor Specialty Foods headquarters in Hunts Point, NY increased floor space to 270,000 square feet.


Stats and Scope

  • HCR Air Doors
    • 1 Type 4 AC-EH Unit: 2016
    • 3 Type 4 AC-EH Units: 2017
    • 7 Type 4 AC-EH Units: 2018
    • 7 Type 2 AC-EH-WS Units: 2018
    • 1 Type 4 AC-EH Unit: 2018
  • Jamotuf Fiberglass Architectural Style Doors
    • 3 Jamocor Doors: 2018


Favorite Project Features

Richard Shutkind, Vice President of Girandola & Shutkind Construction Corporation, shares his top project features:

  1. All product lines are top quality.
  2. The fiberglass Jamocor doors are first class construction, low maintenance, and the perfect door for a food storage facility.
  3. HCR Doors are revolutionary in the fact they provide an effective temperature barrier with very few moving parts to break.
  4. HCR Doors provide a full, unobstructed vision between rooms allowing for a safer work environment.
  5. HCR Doors are relatively easy to install.

Client Testimonial

Richard Shutkind, Vice President of Girandola & Shutkind Construction Corporation

What positive experience did you have with Jamison?

“Jamison always provides an excellent product, from the shop drawings to the final fabrication.  Their customer service is 2nd to none. If there are any questions regarding installation or trouble shooting of their products they are always there to help.”


What solution did Jamison help solve?

“They provided an excellent way to control temperatures between rooms without the use of strip curtains, or solid core moving doors.”


Would you recommend Jamison to another company in a similar situation?




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