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Clemens Food Group

Project Overview

Clemens Food Group is a sixth-generation family-owned business that provides quality pork products for retail, foodservice, and manufacturing customers alike. In response to the growing demand of the protein industry, Clemens made the decision to expand operations and open a new facility in Coldwater, MI.

For the new facility construction, Clemens Food Group chose Gray Construction to design and build their new 650,000 square-feet fresh pork processing plant. With nearly 60 years of experience across all types of industry applications, Gray Construction is a pioneer in design-build specializing in engineering, architecture and construction services. For the Clemens Food Group project, Gray selected Jamison Door Company products to use and install in their refrigeration engineering services.

This new facility processes 11,000 hogs each day in response to growing demands in the protein industry. It was named a winner in ProFood World magazine’s 2018 Manufacturing Innovation Awards for its outstanding processing and packaging operations in the food and beverage industry.


Stats and Scope

  • Jamison Cold Storage Doors
  • (47) Plyfoam II Doors 
  • (9) Mark IV Horizontal Doors
  • (2) Overlap Doors
  • (1) Mark IV Vertical Door
  • HCR Air Doors
  •  (4) CAC-EH Conditioned Air Curtain
  •  (4) AC Air Curtain
  •  (3) MCAC/AFC-DDNA Conveyor Unit
  •  (5) AC-EH-DDNA Air Curtain


Favorite Project Features

Mark Ruley, project manager at Gray Construction, shares his top project features:

  1. There are three conveyor openings into the VRT Freezer which were challenging; it was very rewarding to see them completed. The Jamison team effectively worked through a design where the actual fans and heaters were mounted on the floor and the air was ducted 20’ to 35’ above to the actual openings, which helped maintain the critical temperatures and pressures of the adjacent spaces and prevented the buildup of snow and ice that you would traditionally see with such extreme temperature differences.
  2. The coordination between the high speed doors and the air curtains worked flawlessly.
  3. It’s fascinating to see the doors at the Snap Chill and Snap Chill Vestibule operate. In a short span of time, temperatures in the building range from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to -25 Fahrenheit with little to no issues. This speaks to functionality of the Air Curtains.
  4. One of key benefits of the air doors is keeping the different air temperatures isolated from each other, thus improving the efficiencies of the refrigerated spaces and improving the working environment for the Clemens team members by preventing extreme low temperatures from migrating into adjoining work spaces.
  5. Both the high speed doors and air doors were integrated seamlessly with the pallet conveyor into and out of the AS/RS areas.

Client Testimonial

Jeff Scott, senior project manager at Gray Construction; Mark Ruley, project manager at Gray Construction

What positive experience did you have with Jamison?

The Jamison Team was great to work with both in the Design phase as well as in the field working through installation. A project like this had a lot of unique challenges, but working collaboratively with Jamison, we were able to provide Clemens with the best solutions.

The air doors were a new application for Gray and Clemens for the Coldwater Michigan facility. Jamison did an excellent job of explaining what combination was needed for each situation and what benefits would be realized.

What solution did Jamison help solve?

Using the Air Curtains provided by Jamison allowed us to construct a building with little to no thermal transfer in areas that had large temperature deltas. The Jamison team worked hand-in-hand with Gray to provide a solution for every challenge on this unique and complex project.

With two locations where process conveyors passed through adjoining rooms with temperature deltas of 80 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit, it was amazing how well the air doors performed in these locations in the prevention of fog, ice and snow buildup.  

Would you recommend Jamison to another company in a similar situation?

Across all facets, the Jamison team was great to work with and always maintained a positive attitude in difficult situations. They responded well to our questions, and they never gave up on helping Gray to figure out the correct configuration of air doors and high speed doors. They also did not try to oversell their product offerings where they would not be beneficial. 

It would be a privilege to have another opportunity to work with them.



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