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Jamison is dedicated to delivering prompt and courteous service to all of our customers. That is why we stock most repair parts in our multi-million dollar inventory and can ship stocked parts the same day if the order is received before noon. This is just one more way that Jamison delivers.

Oregon Foods

Project Overview

Oregon Foods is an Oregon-based supplier of freeze-dried food products mostly aimed at the U.S. military and the outdoor markets. The products are targeted for camping and emergency survival as well as assisted living centers, hospitals, businesses and educational facilities in emergency situations.

Headquartered in Albany, Oregon, they decided to expand their operations for the first time in New York. Governor Cuomo said in a statement, "OFD Foods' expansion will help further strengthen this region's manufacturing sector and continue to build on the Finger Lakes' economic momentum. With the addition of this new facility, we look forward to the company's continued success in the global foods market, creation of new jobs in Monroe County, and increased economic activity throughout the region to continue moving the Finger Lakes forward."

The expansion of operations resulted in a new construction of 50,000 square-feet. With design-build services completed by Nichols Construction Team, Controlled Environment Structures, LLC was chosen as the cold storage contractor. They decided to use Jamison Door Company products in their role in the new construction of Oregon Foods in Henrietta, NY.


Stats and Scope

  • BMP High Speed Fabric and Rollup Doors
    • (2) 18’ x 12’ DynamicRoll
    • (1) 12’ x 12’ DynamicRoll
    • (1) 6’ x 10’ DynamicRoll
    • (1) 8’ x 10’ DynamicRoll
  • Jamison Cold Storage Doors
    • (10) 6’ x 10’ Mark IV Single Horizontal Manual Flush Sill Cooler
    • (4) 6’ x 10’ Mark IV Single Horizontal Manual Flush Sill Freezer
    • (2) 3’ x 7’ Mark IV Single Horizontal Manual Flush Sill Cooler
  • Jamotuf Fiberglass Architectural Style Doors
    • (1) 2’8” x 6’10” x 1- ¾” Single Jamocor
    • (1) 2’10” x 6’10” x 1 ¾” Double Jamocor


Top 5 Favorite Project Features

David McGrath, Project Manager of Controlled Environment Structures LLC, shares his top project features:

  1. The BMP product line is very inexpensive for its level of quality.
  2. The DynamicRoll Doors have great functionality.
  3. The BMP Doors have a very nice, modern look.
  4. The Jamotuf product line created a nice, low-cost design.
  5. The Jamocor Doors have a very sleek look that works well in our projects.

Client Testimonial

David McGrath, Project Manager of Controlled Environment Structures LLC

“I came onboard CES about 5 years ago when Jamison BMP was taking off, and honestly, I don’t really use anything else. I would always recommend Jamison not just because of their products, but also because of their customer service. Any time that we have had a problem mechanically or needed specific parts, Jamison’s customer service department and technical service department helped us right away. Overall, we have had a very positive experience with Jamison.”



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