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April 10, 2015

Jamison RFID and Active Identity Announce Strategic Partnership to provide RFID Smart Portals

Partners will focus on delivering solutions in Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare and Office environments

Hagerstown, MD — April 10, 2015 – Jamison RFID (a division of Jamison Door Company), the leading manufacturer and integrator of rugged, purpose-built RFID portals and communications enclosures, today announced a new partnership and solution set with Active Identity, of Fort Meyers, Florida.  The companies will focus on delivering Smart RFID solutions in areas such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare and Office environments.

Jamison RFID’s protected, fully-functional, all-in-one RFID Smart Portals and read stations are plug-and-play, which eliminates the hassles associated with deploying RFID solutions in busy environments. Based on customers' vertical application needs, Jamison can provide a Smart RFID portal that is ready to read tags as soon as it is plugged in. 

“The possibilities created by combining robust hardware with versatile software are endless,” said George Khalil, President and CEO, Active Identity, creators of the Envoy. “The Envoy takes the term RFID Middleware to a whole new standard by introducing extreme mobility and ease of use to the world of RFID integration. We focus on working closely with our partners to guarantee rapid deployments and delivery times and the Envoy allows us to meet our promise every single time.”

The Envoy®, an RFID Appliance that can be server rack mounted or in this case- inside the RFID Portal, takes the term RFID Middleware to a whole new level, by introducing mobility and ease of use to the world of RFID integration.  Envoy® offers Reader Libraries, Device Libraries, Logical Devices, Encoding/Decoding, Activity Building and Monitoring, Graphical Workflow Design and a Management Dashboard Console available both through Windows and Smart Phone platforms.

"The purpose of a Smart Portal is to allow for the easy deployment and management of RFID applications said Anthony Dublino, Director of Commercial Business, North America, at Jamison RFID."The Smart Portal Solution with Active ID allows us to be up and running in a few hours- as opposed to days for some RFID installations.”


About Jamison RFID and Jamison Door Company

Since 1906, Jamison Door Company has pioneered the industrial door industry with innovative designs, unsurpassed product quality, and outstanding customer service. Jamison's RFID Industrial Portals™ Division produces the world's largest variety of Radio Frequency Identification - RFID portals, housing structures, mounting components, and custom designed enclosures that help track products using RFID during the manufacturing process and throughout the entire supply chain. Jamison services over 6000 warehouse, retail, and supply chain customers from three North American manufacturing plants; in Maryland, Montana, and Mexico City. For more information, go to


About Active Identity

Active Identity designs and develops scalable and customized RFID infrastructure solutions. The company helps customers and partners all over the world realize the full potential of RFID systems by maximizing Return On Investment and reducing Total Cost of Ownership. The Envoy®, Active Identity’s RFID Engine, is at the core of many demanding RFID deployments worldwide. 10,000 Tags Reads per second, up to 256 RFID Readers, 2048 External Devices, Easy Integration – That’s Envoy®. For more information, visit


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