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Model ECAV Frost-Free Airlok-Door

Model ECAV Frost-Free Airlok-Door

The Model ECAV consists of two fast-acting strip doors that create a vestibule for conditioning air and an electrically or hot-gas heated anti-frost air-conditioning (AFC) section with automatic temperature control.

The ECAV is designed for medium to light-traffic freezers and high humidity situations.

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PCAV® Push-Thru Conditioned Air Vestibule

A conditioned air vestibule that uses a push-to-open versus a motorized opening.

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3CAV Triple Conditioned Air Vestibule

3CAV Triple Conditioned Air Vestibule

The Model 3CAV is primarily used between rooms with extreme temperature differences and very high traffic.

The frost elimination cycle is similar to the Model DCAV but the additional vestibule improves efficiency as well as increases the model's temperature range applicability. 

The Model 3CAV automatically adjusts as conditions change to optimize performance and reduce energy consumption.

With the use of HCR sensors and software, Model 3CAV can be integrated into a facility's refrigeration control and monitoring system.  This allows both remote monitoring and remote adjusting of the HCR equipment.

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Hybrid: AC & CAC with VersaFlex®

Achieve the next level of efficiency by adding an HCR Model AC or CAC to your existing door. Perfect for high-traffic doorways where ice and infiltration are a challenge, an HCR Air Door provides another layer of protection to assure that the opening remains accessible for workflow, yet closed for costly air infiltration and energy efficiency.

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ASSD Fast-Acting Traffic Door

The Model ASSD is a swift opening and closing motorized strip-door.  Strip-door operation is easily adjusted to suit traffic speed. 

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Model AC Air Curtain

AC Air Curtain

Model AC is HCR's basic unit -- Horizontal, Curvilinear, and Recirculatory. Its air stream produces counter-flow forces equal and opposite to the two-way flow-through forces caused by air temperature differences.

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