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Jamison is dedicated to delivering prompt and courteous service to all of our customers. That is why we stock most repair parts in our multi-million dollar inventory and can ship stocked parts the same day if the order is received before noon. This is just one more way that Jamison delivers.

Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ Single Leaf Power Operated Door



The VersaFlex® was specially-designed with every component being a part of the hittable process. Using Jamison’s patent-pending Shearflow™ technology, panels are constructed with internal layers that move independently when struck. The Shearflow design reduces its normal rigidity by 75%, yielding to the impact, without damaging the panel or door components


  • Unique panel design
  • Superior Trailing Edge Assembly for excellent door seal
  • The Living Hinge—Panels are Independent of Carrier
  • The Highest R-Value for a hittable door—Select from R10 to R32
  • The Industry’s Best Operator—Select between the dual speed Powertron® or the Powertron Digital Controller.
  • Retrofitable panels—Exchange your Jamison Mark IV® hard door panels with flexible VersaFlex® hittable panels. 
  • Overview

    Unique hittable panel design

    Using Jamison's unique patent-pending Shearflow™ technology, panels are constructed with internal layers that move independently when struck, sliding relative to one another versus being constructed as a solid panel. This innovative panel design is unlike any other, and allows the panel maximum flexibility when hit and quickly returns to its original form. The Shearflow™ design reduces its normal rigidity by 75%, yielding to the impact, without damaging the panel or door components.

    Superior Trailing Edge Assembly for the best door seal

    The door panel is captured and pulled tightly against the casing when closed, creating an excellent seal against infiltration and eliminating ice build-up. The rigid trailing edge stiffener is selective in its work, providing an effective tight seal when the door is closed, but when hit, the edge is flexible enough to allow the panel to bend to the impact.

    The Living Hinge

    Door panels are secured along the top of the carrier with a unique flexible design that allows a continuous swing motion, and the flexibility to move the panels back and forth independently of the carrier assembly. There are no moving hinge parts to wear out or carrier components to replace after impact.

    All other hittable doors are made with a single semi-rigid core.

    Shearflow™ internal layers slide relative to one another when struck.

    The highest R-Value for a hittable door

    You choose the insulation value to best fit your opening. VersaFlex® comes in two models of R-Value, a standard core of R10, and an Ultra High R Core that provides up to R32. Ultra High R-Value cores are perfect for freezer applications where ice can be a challenge.

    You choose the Powertron® operator

    The Jamison Powertron® has been tested in over 2,000,000 continuous open and close cycles, and remains the most recognized and dependable door operator available. Select between the dual speed Powertron and the more technologically-advanced Powertron Digital Controller.

    Retrofitable panels

    Exchange your Jamison Mark IV® hard door panels with flexible VersaFlex™ hittable panels. Cooler models require panel replacement and simple door frame adjustments. On freezer models, you will need to add a heated gasket if not already present

  • Specifications
    • Model: Bi-Part
    • Opening Sizes: Bi-Part up to 10' x 16'
    • Temperature: -20F with a temperature difference of not more than 100F at R32, 60F at R10
    • Electrical Requirements:
    • DMC (ECTI) operator: Single phase (VAC): 120, 220
    • Two or Three phase (VAC): 208, 230, 460, & 575
    • Dual speed operator (standard):
    • Three phase (VAC): 240, 480, & 575
    • Finish: Blue Reinforced Vaportite surface
    • Gaskets: Adjustable vinyl gaskets at two sides and across head of casing frame
    • Trailing Edge Assembly: Flexible side panel stiffener with patented clips to lever and seal trailing edge
    • Standard Opening Device: Two pull cord switches
    • Time Delay Closing: Standard dual speed operator, optional DMC (ECTI) operator
  • Options & Accessories
    1. Door panel with R value of 32
    2. Electric Eye
    3. Motion Detector
    4. Radio Control
    5. Powertron® digital controller:
      Single phase, 60 HZ: 120 or 220 (VAC)
      Two or Three phase, 60HZ: 208, 230,
      460 or 575 (VAC)
    6. Jambs (see details “A” and “B” on back of ADS sheet)
    7. Inside Trim (see details “B” and “C” on back of ADS sheet)
    8. Mirror image frame (see details “B”and “C” on back of ADS sheet)
    9. Floor loop
    10. Push button operation, single or three button (open – close – stop)
    11. NEMA 4X enclosure
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