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The optimal solution for large openings.  This door is designed for continual use, can be installed inside or outside of buildings, and has a simple modular design making for a fast and easy installation.

The strong belted opening system and self-supporting structure (up to 22'6") ensures maximum functionality even for large dimensions and high wind loads.

The door design consists of a U-shaped column section finished with a rubber seal on each side to protect the curtain when operating.

  • Jamison Pack Door
Jamison Pack Door


  • Up to 40" per second opening speed
  • 208/230/460 3ph motor/control panel
  • Wireless resistive safety edge
  • Hood and motor cover standard
  • 35oz vinyl Curtain with 7 standard colors
  • 2 rows of vision as standard
  • Frame and all covers are galvanized as standard
  • Stainless steel and painted frames and covers (optional)
  • Ideal for large exposed openings
  • Simple Self supporting modular design
  • Manual release handle as standard
  • Quick lead times
  • Proven reliable design
  • Helps to reduce heat loss
  • Overview

    The control board is supplied by a 415v supply and the operation is designed for continuous use.

    The curtain has horizontal bars fitted into pockets welded to the curtain to give up to a class 4 wind load, ideal for
    the more exposed locations. The curtain is raised and lowered by lifting belts and gathered at the top.

  • Specifications
    Application: Internal Standard
      External Standard
    Speed: Maximum Opening Speed 1 m/s
      Maximum Closing Speed 0.8 m/s
    Door Sizes: Maximum Width 20000mm
      Maximum Height 10000mm
    Space Requirements for Fitting: Front Mount Motor Dependant on door size
      Side Mount Motor, Motor Size Dependant on door size
      Non Motor Side Dependant on door size
      Head Room Depending on size Dependant on door size
    Wind Class: 3000 x 3000 Class 4
      5000 x 5000 Class 3
      8000 x 8000 Class 2
      Above 8000mm Class 1
    Curtain Weight: 900g/m2 Standard
    Curtain Colours: As per Options 12 Colour Options as Standard
    Control Panel: Contactor Controls in a Steel case Standard
    Control Panel Dimensions: 300w x 400h x 150d Standard
    Operating Temperature: -30°C - +70°C Heating Kits Optional Extra
    Door Frame Construction: Galvanised Steel Standard
    Guide Material: Rubber seals the length of the column Standard
    Power Supply: 3 Phase Neutral and Earth 415v 16 Amp slow acting fuse
    Supply Cable: Correct size to avoid power loss 2.5mm2 As per Electrical Regulations
    Column Covers: Galvanised Standard
    Barrel Cover: Galvanised Standard
    Motor Cover: Galvanised Standard
    Safety Edge: Wireless Resistive Standard
    Photocell: Transmitter / Receiver Type Standard
    Vision Panels: 2 Rows Standard
    Timed Close: Selected on Installation 0-200 secs
    Limits: Mechanical Limits Standard
    Emergency Opening: Hand Crank to the Bottom of the Motor Standard
  • Options & Accessories
    • Various vision panel designs
    • Digital print onto the curtain
    • Customer logos
    • Insulated curtain
    • Stainless steel frame
    • Powder coated frame
    • Counter weight for manual opening
    • Remote controls
    • Radar sensors
    • Safety light grid
    • Induction loop detectors
    • Pull switch
    • Proximity sensors
    • Key switch
    • Digital keypad
    • LED traffic lights
    • Flashing warning light
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