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  • Healthcare RFID Solutions

    RFID can accelerate cost-efficiencies, improve productivity, and lower risk in applications from the operating room to the medical supply chain.

  • Data Center RFID Solutions

    RFID chips are keeping track of servers and IT equipment, and even help manage servers and data storage within large organizations. 

  • Retail RFID Solutions

    The latest technology in retail promises increased efficiencies in tracking apparel and assets, and improvements in loss prevention. Jamison RAS Systems help achieve the maximum benefits of RFID.  

  • Government and Military RFID Solutions

    RFID is quickly becoming the preferred technology to track and manage the government and military supply chain.

  • Manufacturing RFID Solutions

    Help makers of all types of products attain smoother work flow and operational process efficiencies.


Download the RFID Catalog and RFID Portal Selector Guide

RFID Catalog RFID Portal Selector Guide


Featured RFID Solutions

MOD3 Portals

MOD3 Bi-directional units are available for space-saving in-between doorways. One reader can power four antennas, with two sets of antennas each reading in opposite directions. A Bidirectional unit is made by bolting the Antenna Mount Kit onto the back of the Reader Cabinet using four bolts. The unit footprint is 24" x 28" wide including covers.

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Thin Portal 60

Thin Portal® 60”

Jamison Thin Portal® series offers space-saving features in an aesthetically-pleasing unit suitable for light warehouse, retail, data center, and office environments. The stands offer a variety of mounting configurations, and can be used as free-standing, wall-mount, or can mount to the floor against a wall.

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Gnome Pedestals

Gnome Portals

Jamison's patented Gnome® Pedestals provide an ideal RFID solution for any public setting when an unobtrusive and tasteful design is desired. Available in aluminum or four quality wood grain side trims.

Gnome Portals
RFID strip

RFID Strip™

The enclosed plug ‘n’ play unit mounts easily near doorways, storage rooms, hallways, offices and warehouses to provide RFID tracking capabilities for a variety of applications. The highly-flexible and cost-effective solution is perfect for small read areas. 

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Hawk Portals

Hawk Portals

The Jamison Hawk RFID Portal is an all-in-one RFID read station that uses the latest in RFID technology at a fraction of the cost of larger doorway portals. The unit delivers superior read rate performance and can be programmed to read GEN2 RFID tags at a distance of 3 to 8 feet. The Hawk is perfect for tracking assets or personnel at small indoor openings. This is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) model. The fully-enclosed plug 'n' play unit mounts easily near doorways, storage rooms, hallways, offices and warehouses to provide RFID tracking capabilities for a variety of applications:

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The Jamison RFID Mini-Hawk® is a small wall mount RFID unit for collecting tag data only, without additional alarms and electronics. The Mini-Hawk® is lightweight and mounts quickly and easily. Simply plug in your Ethernet cable and you are reading tags.

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Service & Support

Jamison is dedicated to delivering prompt and courteous service to all of our customers. That is why we stock most repair parts in our multi-million dollar inventory and can ship stocked parts the same day if the order is received before noon. This is just one more way that Jamison delivers.

News & Events


Brand loyalty can start at an early age. A big thank you to the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA)'s Corey Rosenbusch and his daughters for being a part of the Jamison Door family!...Click here to read more.

Conferences and Expos This Week

It is a busy week for Jamison! The 2018 RETA National Conference, the 38th IACSC Conference and Expo, and the ISE Annual Stockholders Meeting are all happening this week. We have experts on hand at each of these events, and hope to see you!...Click here to read more.

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