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The Jamison RFID Mini-Hawk® is a small wall mount RFID unit for collecting tag data only, without additional alarms and electronics. The Mini-Hawk® is lightweight and mounts quickly and easily. Simply plug in your Ethernet cable and you are reading tags.


Unique features & benefits:

  • Hardware Independent- The Mini-Hawk® portal is designed to accommodate different RFID reader configurations giving the user the most scalable and flexible solution.
  • Antenna Movement- Uses antenna mounts that allow for 180 Degree directional movement, creating the most optimal Read zones.
  • Sleek Design- The Mini-Hawk® design is made for indoor Office / Healthcare types of applications, in whereas a “directed” Read Zone is needed, yet something small, cost-efficient and functional is optimal.
  • Easy Installation- The portal can be installed in under 15 minutes.
  • Easy Integration- The portal takes advantage of the latest RFID systems to allow easy integration into back-end system infrastructures.
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