“Creators are wanted,” say many manufacturers across the United States. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is taking another step to populate the talent pipeline in America—with a new “Creators Wanted” video and infographic series. This year, on the NAM’s digital platforms, you’ll begin to see the makings of the NAM’s new initiative to show parents and teachers, and thereby children, what modern manufacturing really looks like today (and will look like tomorrow). According to the Manufacturing Institute, there will be 3.5 million jobs in modern manufacturing available over the next 10 years.


By using the voices of employees from Jamison and other member companies, the National Association of Manufacturers hopes to deliver a message on key policies, issues and, all the while, changing the perception of manufacturing. Individual videos from local companies will be pieced together to a larger "Creators Wanted" campaign to be highlighted on social channels and the National Association of Manufacturer's website to help tell the story of modern manufacturing in America.