On Saturday February 27th, Jamison Door Company celebrated its 110th anniversary by throwing a luncheon for over 400 employees, retirees and members of the community.

Mr. John Williams, President and Chairman of the Board, gave a short speech explaining the company's success being due to its focus and commitment to Jamison's four key stakeholders:  their stock holders, their employees, their community, and their customers.  Afterwards, Mark Widmyer from the Maryland Governor's office, presented Mr. Williams with a special Governor's Citation expressing both appreciation and recognition to the Jamison Door Company. 

Mike Gil, Maryland Commerce Secretary, pumped up the crowd by telling them how much the State of Maryland appreciated and supported the Jamison Door Company and how great it is to be a Maryland company.   Paul Frey, President of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, also spoke then presented Jamison with a Certificate of Recognition.  Hagerstown City Council member Lewis Mentzer announced that the names of the original Jamison brothers, the founders of the door company, were being added to a monument in Memorial Park.  Mr. Mentzer emphasized the honor of this recognition, since only the names of those who've played the most important roles in the growth and development of Hagerstown would be considered for placement on this monument.    

Other Hagerstown city council members in attendance were:  Donald Munson, Kristin Aleshire, and Penny Nigh.  County Commissioner Jeff Cline attended, as well as Jill Frick/Director of Economic Development, Melissa Reabold/United Way Executive Director Washington County, Linda Spence/Business Support Specialist for the Washington County Department of Business Development, and Katrina Wyand-Yurish/Board Member Chamber of Commerce.

After the luncheon, tours were held throughout the plant showing various products and the various manufacturing processes.  The event was hosted by the Jamison Social Committee:  Greg Lloyd, Karen Webber, Kayla Bussard, Andrea Divelbiss, Jan Rudisill, David Hixson, Joe Raffa, and Ben Breakall.