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The Model RCAV is a short, conditioned-air vestibule for freezer to outer room conditions that span large temperature differentials up to 100 degrees with average doorway traffic and limited floor space around the door.

It significantly reduces refrigeration load while preventing frost, ice and wetness at the doorway. It consists of two high speed rollup doors, and a heated horizontal, recirculatory air curtain between the doors. It is equipped with a PLC or Solid State automated control, to regulate the amount of air and heat required.


  • Elimination of ice, frost, condensation, fog and haze.
  • No frost on stored product, ceiling, walls, racks or floor.
  • Reduced moisture gains into freezer.
  • Reduced refrigeration loss.
  • Reduced infiltration air into freezer.
  • Reduced compressor run-time and defrost cycles.
  • Improved refrigeration cycle efficiency.
  • Improved visibility and safety.
  • Improved productivity and energy efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Existing ice and frost build-up sublimates.
  • Great return on investment (ROI).

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