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Jamison’s most popular door offers unique designs, features and benefits that keep it in high demand throughout the industry
Our standard door panels and face casings are woodless
Mark IV® Single Leaf Horizontal Sliding Power Operated Door (ADS-200B)


  • Powertron® Operator:  The most popular power operator in the history of cold storage.  Tested trouble-free through more than 2 million opening/closing cycles.
  • Diamond-Trac® Roller System:This patented system elicits rave reviews from industry experts and customers. It permits a smooth, quiet gliding action unrivaled in any door of its type. Its superior sealing ability is due to its down-and-in motion that pushes the door tightly against the gasketed casing and floor.
  • Easy Installation: With track and angles preassembled on our casings, installation is quick and easy.
  • Flexibility: Closer positioning of doorways also provides critical floor and wall space savings.
  • Extruded aluminum door frame: Provides strength superior to wood.
  • Versatile: Designed to handle applications up to a 100F delta T, and available with many options.
  • Standard panels: White, stucco-embossed #26 gauge galvanized steel, front and back. 
  • 5 year limited warranty


Available in Fiberglass

Constructed of Fiberglass for use in harsh environments such as food processing. Contact factory for more information

Fiberglass Bi-Parting Power Fiberglass Single Fiberglass Track Door
Bi-Parting Power Fiberglass Single Manual Fiberglass Single Manual Fiberglass Track Door
  • Specifications
    • Extruded aluminum door frame provides strength superior to wood.
    • Designed to handle applications up to a 100F delta T
    • Extremely versitle with many options
    • Standard panels are white, stucco-embossed #26 gauge galvanized steel, front and back.
    • Reversing edge is included with built-in sensing switch.
    • Tear resistant adjustable frame gaskets.
    • 5-year limited warranty
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