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The InVision® is a clear-paneled door for areas that require quick opening speeds and clear vision from both sides of the doorway.
Deep vestibule design for higher humidity environments.
  • Invision Bi-folding Power Operated Deep Vestibule Freezer Door
  • invision peeling
Invision Bi-folding Power Operated Deep Vestibule Freezer Door invision peeling


  • Deep Vestibule InVision® Freezer Doors
  • Variable speed drive provides smooth starts and stops
  • Constructed of lightweight aluminum, and is extremely durable
  • Easy-to-install
  • Resists bacteria, mold, mildew and microbiological growth
  • Control panel is UL listed
  • 5-year limited warrant
  • Overview

    Clear ultraviolet-resistant vinyl panels are connected with Velcro. This provides a safe and easy way of re-attachment if forklifts or loaded skids penetrate and separate the panels.

    Unique cantilever design and larger top-guide rollers provide smooth, fast and quiet operation. The industry's best sealing system keeps cold air where it belongs - inside the cooler/freezer.

  • Specifications
    Supply where indicated on plans Jamison Mark IV InVision® BiFolding, Power Operated, Deep Vestibule Freezer Door with PowerTron®
    Digital Controller.

    Door panels to be made of PVC vinyl, supported by anodized aluminum framing and retainers. Center panels to be transparent flexible 0.3 (7mm) thickness and side panels to be orange reinforced vinyl. Panels to be supplied with Velcro* seams.
    Track angle, door panel frame and retainers to be T6063-T6 aircraft grade anodized aluminum alloy. Support frame and header to be #14 gauge galvanized steel. Vestibule structure to be #16 gauge galvanized steel insulated panels.
    Solid Neoprene gaskets to be provided at two sides and vinyl gasket across head where door contacts support structure.

    Hardware to have protective coating against corrosion. Heavy-duty side support hinges to have thrust ball bearing and center pivoting hinges to have oil impregnated bronze bearing. Large diameter heavy-duty dual trolley wheels and a #40 drive chain to be furnished.

    Heater system to consist of radiant heaters located inside door frame at both sides and air curtain mounted across head inside vestibule. (Air Curtain requires 240 or 480 volt 3 phase circuit.)

    Door to be equipped with PowerTron Digital Controller, a maintenance free servo drive unit. Door to open at speed up to 100" per second. Control unit includes pre-programmed motor operation, automatic open and close limit setting system and intregated cycle counter. Automatic opening to be provided with two remote control, spring cushioned, low voltage pull cord switches.

    Door power to be 240 or 480 Volt AC, 60 Hertz, three phase. (ARCHITECT TO SPECIFY VOLTAGE.)

    Main control panel to be **UL® Listed NEMA 4X enclosure. Lockable disconnect switch to be provided. Control panel to be shipped separately for installation at remote location. (ARCHITECT TO DESIGNATE RESPONSIBILITY FOR FIELD WIRING TO POWER SOURCE.)

    Note — Door may sweat or frost depending on relative humidity on
    warm side and temperature differential from front to back of door.
  • Options & Accessories
    1. Floor Loop Control Box with time delay closing.
    2. Motion detector with time delay closing.
    3. Electric eye with time delay closing.
    4. Electronic radio control operation from lift truck.
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