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Swinging see-thru plastic cooler door.




Jamoclear® Swinging Doors

  • Transparent acrylic door with stainless steel frame
  • Ideal for food service
  • Cooler Applications
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Specifications
    Supply where indicated on plans Jamison Jamoclear® Plastic Cooler Door.

    Door panel to be constructed of 1" thick clear, transparent cast acrylic, Type #1 Grade A in accordance with Federal Specification L-P-391C. Bottom of door to be protected on front and back with #16 gauge stainless steel toe plates.

    Frame to be metal clad on all exposed surfaces with #24 gauge stainless steel.
    Gasket at sides and head of frame to be special extruded synthetic rubber. Sill gasket to be sweep type.

    Hardware to be chrome-plated and consist of three hinges and top mounted door closer. Stainless steel 5'0" long door pull on front. Back
    push plate to be #16 gauge stainless steel.
    Special Note:
    Door is designed for cooler operation with temperatures of plus 33° F. and above with door mounted on warm side of wall.
  • Options & Accessories
    1. Frame protection - where abuse and abrasion can occur from handtruck traffic, frame can be protected with #16 gauge stainless steel kickplates.
    2. Locking provision - furnish lock on back of door with thumb turn on back and cylinder on front of door.
    3. Deep jambs.
    4. Inside trim.
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