About High-Speed Fabric & Steel Rollups

Jamison HPD Expanding and Growing the Performance Fabric and Steel Door Industry.

Innovative designs, unsurpassed product quality, and outstanding customer service

Jamison has partnered with the fastest growing performance fabric and steel door manufacturer in the world, BMP, to manufacture their broad range of industrial, retail, pharmaceutical, and food doors. Customers receive BMP’s innovative dependable designs delivered by Jamison’s world class engineering, manufacturing, and customer service.


Extremely Fast, Extremely Safe, Self Repairing.

When Jamison decided it was time to enter the performance fabric market and went looking for a partner from Europe, number one on the list of key design features was a soft bottom edge. We wanted a door that was completely safe for our customers. Clearly this is the future for all high performance fabric doors. If all the electronic safety devices failed or were somehow bypassed, if the door came down on someone, we wanted to make sure they would not be hurt.

Second we wanted the doors to be fast. Jamison found the perfect partner in BMP. Their Dynamicroll high speed fabric designs are the perfect combination of both. Fast, standard opening speeds are up to 100″ a second for most sizes, and always safe with the soft bottom edge as standard.

Finally we wanted it to be self repairing without having to touch the door. Jamison HPD Dynamicroll doors automatically reset themselves when hit due to the track reset notch positioned at the top of the opening.

Look-alike Doors Don’t Perform Alike

Jamison HPD creates superior well thought out designs

Whether it’s using complimentary materials so that you do not have to lubricate tracks, Teeth that stay on the curtain because they are injection molded onto the edge instead of mechanically fastened, able to replace your own batteries in the wireless safety system instead of having to replace the entire safety edge, or elimination of expensive rigid bottom beam repairs, Jamison HPD makes living with our products after the sale less expensive with less hassle.

Jamison HPD customers receive thoughtful practical designs based on years of in-the-field experience.

Innovative Freezer Design.

Instead of using down blast air curtains and heat blown down across the surface of a fabric curtain in the attempt to keep ice and moisture from forming, Jamison HPD uses a double curtain door design to create a small dead air space that requires dramatically reduced amount of energy to keep frost or moisture free.

Even the floor. Jamison HPD introduces a small amount of heated air down low which naturally rises and treats the entire interior of the small fabric vestibule.

High Speed Insulated Coiling Doors Move up to 80" a Second – No Springs.

Patented double chain drive counterweighted drive system and coil routed track

Jamison HPD has removed springs from high speed coiling doors with their innovative double counterweight drive system and are warranted up to a million cycles or 3 years. Actual cycle testing has been to over 3 million cycles with no major repairs.

Quality, Customer Service, and Delivery.

Take the hassle out of high performance doors

With it’s new plant expansion completed, Jamison HPD proves its commitment to meet customer satisfaction regarding delivery dates, but it doesn’t stop there. Our products, service, and warranty are the strongest in the industry. Our entire customer service team, engineering department, and management staff will always be available to assure your complete satisfaction.