Jamoclean Cleanroom Doors

Purity and Precision in Every Design

Welcome to the future of cleanroom technology with Jamoclean cleanroom doors. Our advanced doors from the Jamoclean product line at Jamison cater to industries requiring a contaminant-free environment. Explore how Jamoclean cleanroom doors combine cutting-edge technology with robust construction to meet your stringent requirements.

Inspired by Industry Needs

The evolving demands in healthcare, food processing, and pharmaceuticals inspired our cleanroom doors. This deep understanding drives our commitment to innovative solutions. Global health issues highlighted urgent challenges. In response, Jamison recognized the need for clean room doors that enhance sanitation and functionality.

Learn more about the inspiration behind Jamoclean.

Jamoclean Swing

Jamoclean Swing

Jamoclean’s seamless and hygienic fiberglass swinging door system is backed with over 60 years of experience providing peace of mind in the most demanding environments. In life sciences where quick access and environmental control are critical, these doors offer custom solutions that are exceptionally clean, durable, and secure. Using our state-of-the-art CleanDrive technology, Jamoclean swing doors not only surpass market demands, but also exceed requirements.

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Jamoclean Slide

Jamoclean Slide

When a facility requires a sterile and controlled environment, Jamoclean sliding doors are the solution. Our doors are engineered with a full perimeter weather seal that keeps out contaminants and allows for a full door wipe down to ensure cleanliness. The Jamoclean line plays an essential role in preventing cross-contamination as well as maintaining correct room pressures and air circulation rates. Our advanced CleanDrive technology ensure optimum operating efficiency and cost savings.

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DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Doors

DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Doors

The DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Door is the perfect door for your cleanroom application. This high speed roll-up door is designed to separate over pressured sterile environments.

Thanks to the tension and its special retention system, the DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Door guarantees controlled loss of pressure and allows the ventilation system and air purification to operate correctly. Airflow between rooms is limited, reducing the risk for contamination and air pressure loss.

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DynamicRoll® CB 230 High Speed Doors

DynamicRoll® CB 230 High Speed Doors

The DynamicRoll® CB 230 is a highly reliable high-speed door intended to keep your cleanroom clean. Its fast speed and tight full perimeter seal keep your over pressured environment sterile, allowing the ventilation and air purification systems to operate correctly.

This door operates flawlessly in interlock systems with multiple DynamicRoll® CB 230 High Speed Doors. No stiffeners or hard parts are used in the door panel. An escape function is standardly built in. The door seals the floor with a soft bottom edge.

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Technological Excellence

Each Jamoclean cleanroom door features state-of-the-art technologies, including antimicrobial surfaces and touchless operation systems. These innovations significantly reduce pathogen spread and enhance safety.

Key Features and Benefits

At Jamison, we understand the critical nature of maintaining pristine environments in sectors like pharmaceuticals and cleanrooms. Our Jamoclean cleanroom doors are precisely designed. They ensure exceptional cleanliness, enhanced durability, energy efficiency, and versatile application.Here’s how our products stand out:

Exceptional Cleanliness

  • Hygienic Design: Our cleanroom doors feature seamless and non-porous surfaces. These features make them easy to clean and resistant to harsh chemicals, ideal for environments like pharmaceuticals and cleanrooms.
  • Antimicrobial Surfaces: These doors actively combat microbial growth, making them an optimal choice for pharmaceutical door requirements where hygiene is a priority.

Enhanced Durability

  • Corrosion Resistance: Our cleanroom doors feature seamless and non-porous surfaces. These features make them easy to clean and resistant to harsh chemicals, ideal for environments like pharmaceuticals and cleanrooms.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for durability with minimal upkeep, our cleanroom doors help reduce long-term operational costs.
  • Lifetime Corrosion Warranty: We stand behind our products with a guarantee of long-lasting performance.

Energy Efficiency

  • Insulation Properties: Our doors help maintain controlled environments, contributing to energy savings by optimizing HVAC performance.

Versatile Application

Our Commitment to You

At Jamison, we are committed to enhancing your operational standards with the Jamoclean product line. We ensure that every cleanroom door not only meets but exceeds the stringent demands of modern cleanroom standards. We demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction through innovative design, exceptional functionality, and comprehensive service.

Discover how Jamoclean can transform your cleanroom operations by ensuring a safer, cleaner, and more efficient environment. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of our cleanroom experts.