Aerospace & Airline

Jamison Door Company designs, manufactures, and installs various types of Aerospace & Airline Doors.

From Jet Engine Test Cells to steel rollups to RFID, Jamison is the best choice for a wealth of airline and aerospace applications.

The application of RFID technology in the Aviation industry has many proven advantages:

  • RFID improves control over both assets and air safety concerns.
  • The technology reduces ownership costs, uniquely identifies critical parts for operation, helps reduce inventory requirements, and verifies maintenance reporting.
  • By providing better part traceability, reductions in time and labor required to solve service-related problems are realized. RFID will also improve the accuracy of information exchanged between the airline industry and suppliers.
  • RFID helps enhanced customer-service and tracking capabilities such as in luggage and baggage handling, customer tracking, product inventory management, and reducing risks in employee and customer health and safety.

Jet Engine Test Cell Doors

Jamison has designed jet engine test cell doors, from 3' x 7' personnel-size doors to 30' x 30' doors. Our test cell doors are used in government and airline test cells, automotive, marine, and railroad engine testing facilities, military equipment and turbine testing laboratories.

Jamison BMP Rollup Doors

When performance, speed, size and durability are issues, Jamison BMP is the answer. The aviation industry needs a door that’s engineered to meet its very specific demands.