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The Jesse L. Kagle Jr. Distinguished Volunteer Service Award is given to a local United Way volunteer who demonstrates spirit for the community through time and energy. Our very own Vice President Administration and Chief Financial Officer, Greg Lloyd, received the honor.

Congratulations Greg, and thank you for being a role model for us all!

Written by Dave McMillion, as featured in the Herald Mail

Jamison Plant

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, the Jamison Door Companies are determined to continue to safe guard our employee’s health while continuing to supply the needs of the temperature controlled industry with high quality products, delivered right, and delivered on time.

We want to share with you measures we’ve implemented to achieve the above goals.  First, a few weeks ago, we posted the CDC recommendations and installed hand sanitizing stations outside restrooms, time clocks, and entry areas.  We instructed our cleaning personnel to do deeper sanitizing of surfaces touched by personnel.  We are emphasizing social distancing.  We are limiting visitors including vendors at our plants and any business travel requiring use of mass transit such as airlines.  Last week we again distributed and posted the CDC recommendations.  This week management met with all our Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Montana employees to discuss Covid-19, measures taken, and to try to answer all questions.  We took a new approach by meeting in small groups so we could maintain social distancing while seriously discussing the CDC recommendations.  The small group approach worked out really well.  As anticipated, there were a lot of thoughtful concerns and people felt much more comfortable voicing and discussing those concerns in small groups of coworkers.  From our discussions, more hand sanitizing stations are now on order as well as sanitizing wipes, sprays, and tissues.  Management continues to discuss and create additional needed response protocols.  The Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) has been very helpful with their management materials, as well as, our Federal health organizations.

We’re all in a very dynamic changing landscape, every so many hours there seems to be another announcement that affects us to some degree, but please know that your Jamison team will do what it can and is allowed, to protect the health of our employees while taking care of the needs of our customers.

Best regards,


Dwight Clark


Jamison Door Companies

From our new BMP high-speed fabric and rollup facility in PA, Jamison is excited to offer detailed instruction in servicing and installing Jamison doors. This instruction is valuable for contractors, service providers, and end users alike.

We just hosted our very first school session at the new BMP plant this week, and it was a great success for all involved. We invite you to join an existing class in our new and improved school location, or we can work with you to create specialized instruction in any related topic.


Why register for service school? Check out what the latest class had to say:


"Our boss sent us to learn more about Jamison and their products as they are often the products we install for our customers." - T-6 Construction, LLC

"This was actually my second time being a part of Jamison's service school program. I wanted to get even more training so that I am able to effectively provide in-house training and technical support for our employees at DSI." - Dock Systems, Incorporated


Come join us!

Jamison Door Company was honored to be present at the official Jamison Door product launch in Metro Manila, Philippines. The event was hosted by the Redcoin Trading Corporation and Kilojoule Consultants International Company with key representatives from the US Embassy and Cold Chain Association of the Philippines, as well as several other suppliers, contractors, refrigeration and logistics personnel, in attendance. Everyone is buzzing with excitement about the future of Jamison manufacturing possibilities in Asia!



ZULLINGER, Pa. — A company born more than a century ago in Hagerstown marked its continued expansion Wednesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new production facility in Franklin County.

With the 50,000-square-foot facility in the Wharf Road Industrial Park in the Washington Township community of Zullinger, Jamison/BMP is set to forge into additional product lines, company President and CEO John T. Williams said.

"We have a complete line of doors for a one-stop shopping for the cold-storage industry,” Williams told about 50 people who gathered for the event. "This facility gives us the opportunity to move beyond cold storage into the general industrial market."

That market includes doors for commercial mechanics' garage bays.

The Zullinger manufacturing facility is Jamison's fifth, with other locations in three states and Mexico.

With its headquarters in Hagerstown, the company employs 200, including the dozen now at the Zullinger plant. That number is expected to grow over the next three years.

"Our projections are we'll have 30 to 35 people in three years if we're able to grow the products like we think we should be able to," Williams said. "Adding two distinctly new product lines, we have great expectations for those."

L. Michael Ross, president of the Franklin County Area Development Corp., called the facility the "perfect project and the perfect location."

"They are able to maintain the coordination with their other locations in Washington County," he said. "It really speaks to connectivity between Franklin and Washington counties, and I think that's good for all of us.

"We feel fortunate that they're here, and we want to support their growth. The jobs they are starting with here, we believe will grow over time, and it really complements this industrial park in a really great way. To have them here really blends well."

Ground was broken for the $4 million facility a little more than a year ago.

"This is a really special day for Jamison," Williams said. "This is a result of a lot of teamwork — teamwork of all the people who have worked for Jamison in 113 years, and the teamwork of Mike Ross and his group that made this the simplest, awesome move for us."

For the development corporation, the Jamison project is both opening and closing doors. Ross said the development puts the industrial park at the "built-out" stage.

"This has been a project in which we take so much pride, so much so that for our annual report this year, we have featured Jamison Door, opening doors of Franklin County," he said.


Written by Joyce Nowell, as featured in the Herald Mail

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