DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Doors

The DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Door is the perfect door for your cleanroom application. This high speed roll-up door is designed to separate over pressured sterile environments.

Thanks to the tension and its special retention system, the DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Door guarantees controlled loss of pressure and allows the ventilation system and air purification to operate correctly. Airflow between rooms is limited, reducing the risk for contamination and air pressure loss.

DynamicRoll® CB 125 High Speed Doors

Door Features

Product Overview

Exceptionally Clean: Due to the sealing capability, pressure leakage is controlled allowing the ventilation systems and air purification to operate correctly.

Complete Reliability: Air movement is minimized because of the high speed of the door, up to 8 ft per second. The door assures the safety of the staff and product, thanks to its curtain design without any rigid elements. Downtime and maintenance are both kept to a minimum.

Superior Sealing: A perfect seal due to the unique, patented magnetic closure which allows for both air loss and the risk of contamination to be reduced.

Safe Operation: The door is standard equipped with patented guides, consisting of polyethylene. The PVC curtain falls into this guide by means of a zipper. In the event of a collision, the zipper comes loose so that damage is limited. This specifically designed retention system allows the curtain to exit the guides in the event of impact and reinsert in one cycle. A variety of electronic and mechanical locking options are also offered.

Options & Accessories

  • Radar
    • Opening point radar TOF/Spot
    • Infrared radar
  • Traffic lights
    • Green or red fixed standard light
    • LED light with countdown
    • LED light barriers
  • Buttons
    • Opening button
    • Freeze stop button
    • No touch button
  • Additional options
    • Wind gauge
    • Magnetic loop detector
    • Remote control
    • Key selector
    • Pull cord switch
    • Bollard B-Protect