Jamoclean Slide

Single & Double. Manual & Power.

When a facility requires a sterile and controlled environment, Jamoclean sliding doors are the solution. Our doors are engineered with a full perimeter weather seal that keeps out contaminants and allows for a full door wipe down to ensure cleanliness. The Jamoclean line plays an essential role in preventing cross-contamination as well as maintaining correct room pressures and air circulation rates. Our advanced CleanDrive technology ensure optimum operating efficiency and cost savings.

Jamoclean Slide

Door Features

  • Manual or power operation
  • Manual open with standard spring assist closer
  • Power operation uses an electromechanical operator
  • Sleek and appealing design
  • Maximum quietness and smooth motion
  • High efficiency brushless motor for high durability and low consumption.
  • Smart battery: for low power consumption in case of power failure

Product Overview

CleanDrive: Our new generation automation system features a slim, elegant, and sturdy design that is ideal for environments where smooth motion and quietness are fundamental. The fast cycle time reduces the loss of conditioned air which allows the door to resist pressure differences between two areas. This technology is ideal for building airlocks that maintain the pressure integrity of both rooms. Maintaining correct room pressures ensures optimum operating efficiency and significant cost savings. All automations are equipped with a wide range of options allowing for full customization.

Exceptionally Clean: Monolithic molded construction creates a true seamless impermeable outer shell. The smooth gelcoat surface is extremely hygienic, which is critical for the life sciences. The molecular crosslinking of all six sides of the door ensures integrity of the seamless design and eliminates cracks, seams, and gaps where bacteria can hide.

Complete Durability: The door comes standard with fiberglass molded structural layers and solid fiberglass vertical stiffeners that are reinforced for strength and accurate installation. Optional heavy duty stainless edge capping is also available for additional support.

Superior Sealing: A three-sided rubber gasket, combined with a bottom sweep gasket, is used for ultimate seal efficiency.

Secure Operation: A variety of electronic and mechanical locking options are offered.

Options & Accessories

  • Vision panel with standard sloped frame
  • Flush vision panel
  • Heavy-duty molded fiberglass panel
  • Custom color for molded fiberglass

Options for Power Models

  • Fail secure / fail safe electric lock
  • Relay module for additional functions
  • Touchless wall mounted activation switch
  • Variety of activation devices available
    • Touchless wall sensor
    • Touchless wall mounted activation switch
    • Activation button for emergency exits
    • Microwave opening radar
    • Emergency batteries and signal relays
    • Digital programmer