Jamolite® II Molded Fiberglass Swing Door


Doors offer the sleek, efficient, rugged design that is sometimes a major consideration when selecting the perfect door. The molded plastic door provides a clean and modern appearance, with white color as the standard and optional colors available,

Door Features:

  • FRP panel construction has a minimum cooler R value of 32 at 20oF for 4 inch doors per ASTM C-518
  • Sweep-type sill gasket along the floor prevents thermal infiltration
  • Kick plates are optional for added protection
  • Cam lift hinges allow the door to rise while opening, reducing sill wiper gasket wear and eliminating the need for a sloped floor
  • The stainless steel-clad casing frame provides attractive installation and easy maintenance
  • 5-year limited warranty

Available in Heavy Duty

The heavy duty version of the already reliable Jamolite II™. With its added kickplates, additional hinges, and heavy duty fastener, it is a formidable door.

  • Heavy-duty plastic door with stainless steel clad frame
  • Designed for heavy traffic
  • Attractive yet rugged
  • Designed for heavy traffic


Cooler Door Specifications:
Supply where indicated on plans Jamison Jamolite® II Cooler Door. Door panel to consist of two pans bonded together with polyester resin. Each pan to have an outer layer of polyester plastic with white pigment, balance of pan to consist of glass fibre reinforced polyester plastic. Door panel to have sufficient blocking for hardware attachment.

Door panel to be filled with 4″ of non-CFC polyurethane insulation with an R value of 28 at 40° F. Insulation to adhere to the inner and outer pans to achieve maximum unit rigidity.

Casing frame metal clad on all exposed surfaces with #24 gauge stainless steel.

Gasket at sides and head of door lip to be grease resistant synthetic skin with resilient sponge core, sill gasket to be sweep type.

Hardware to consist of chrome plated safety release fastener (permits door to be opened from inside even though padlocked on front) and bright anodite finish cam lift hinges.

Freezer Door Specifications
Freezer door specifications to be same as cooler door except for these substitutions and additions:

Supply where indicated on plans Jamison Jamolite® II Freezer Door.

Casing frame metal clad on all exposed surfaces with #24 gauge stainless steel. Metal cladding shall be applied with all seems soldered and penetrating bolts sealed.

Provide heater cables in the sides and head of the frame and the bottom of the door at gasket contact areas. Heating cable to be assembled, ready for connection to 120 volt, 60 Hertz, single phase AC line.

Special Notes:
When cold room temperature is below -20° F. Or temperature difference is more than 90° F., contact factory.
If freezer door must be mounted in freezer room, please contact factory for recommendations.

  1. Freezer Door:
  2. 6″ insulation (R value 42).
  3. Heater cables in sides, head and sill of frame.
  4. Colors available – pigment of door to be one of the four optional colors other than white. (JD – Ivory, JD – Blue, JD – Salmon, and JD – Blue-Green).
  5. Metal Cladding options:
  6. Frame-galvanized or painted steel to match door color.
  7. Kickplates-door and/or frame protected partial height with galvanized or stainless steel (specify finish)
  8. Corrosive protected hardware
  9. Door closer-top mounted, painted to match door color or bright anodite finish or chrome finish
  10. If doors to be used in meat processing plants subject to federal and state inspection, metal cladding to be applied per M.I.D. requirements
  11. View Windows: (contact factory for specific recommendations.) 12″ x 14″ sealed glass unit
  12. Cooler Door – 2 layer, 1″ thick
  13. Freezer Door – 3 layer, 1″ thick with,120 V.A.C. heat film
  14. Jambs-specify wall thickness on plans. (see detail, option “A” on back of ADS Sheet.)
  15. Inside Trim – 1-1/2″ by 5-1/2″ (see detail, option “B”, on back of ADS Sheet.)
  16. Other Designs
  17. High sill (note-high sill freezer door has heater cable 4 sides of frame.)
  18. Track door-frame provided with provisions for meat rail passage
  19. Blast Freezer
  20. Chrome plated cam lift hinges.
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