DynamicRoll® DynaSeal

The DynamicRoll® DynaSeal is a PVC high-speed door designed for fruit ripening and meat smoking areas. It boasts exceptional sealing and sliding capabilities, crucial for food settings. Its compact frame minimizes air permeability, ensuring precise temperature and humidity control.

It can separate various temperature zones or sterile areas and features a patented self-repair system for automatic curtain repositioning after accidents or leaks.

DynamicRoll® DynaSeal

Door Features

Product Overview

The DynamicRoll® DynaSeal is a PVC high speed door designed specifically for fruit ripening environments and meat smoking rooms. It is equipped with a special sealing and sliding system that makes it highly hermetic: a fundamental feature for food environments.

The DynaSeal offers low air permeability thanks to its special compact frame, ensuring precise temperature and humidity control inside your environments. This product can be used as interior PVC doors, to separate environments with different temperatures, or sterile environments from those of passage.

Belonging to the DynamicRoll range of rapid doors, the DynaSeal is also equipped with the special patented self-repairing system. In case of accidental collisions or leakage, the curtain is automatically returned to the guides, without the need for an operator.