Revolutionizing Retail with Jamison HCR Air Doors

Every detail matters in the fast-paced world of retail. From creating a comfortable shopping environment to ensuring energy efficiency, businesses seek solutions that align with their commitment to excellence. Jamison Door Company steps into the spotlight with our groundbreaking HCR Air Doors. Setting a new standard for the retail industry.

Enhancing Customer Comfort

Using the principles of psychrometrics, HCR Air Doors, create a seamless barrier, effectively preventing the influx of external air. This ensures a comfortable shopping atmosphere for customers. Next to that, it also helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the retail space.

Our air doors, also known as air curtains, can be seen in the largest, most demanding and cost conscious grocery and food distribution centers, food processing plants, refrigerated warehouses, and retail grocery stores.

Energy Efficiency Unleashed

Energy costs can significantly impact a retail operation’s bottom line. Our HCR Air Doors are designed with advanced features to minimize heat loss, providing substantial energy savings. The result? A more sustainable and cost-effective solution for retail spaces, especially in temperature-controlled environments.

HCR has demonstrated its effectiveness in direct comparisons with competitors. In cooler settings, HCR’s advanced technology usually outperforms others in reducing two-way air exchange more efficiently.

When comparing freezer solutions, HCR consistently uses at least half the energy of competitors. It also achieves a significantly greater reduction in two-way air exchange. HCR utilizes a unique combination of engineering disciplines to achieve results that competitors do not have.

Unrivaled Durability

In high-traffic retail settings, durability is paramount. Jamison builds HCR Air Doors to withstand the demands of a bustling retail environment. Ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, Jamison offers a range of customizable options for HCR Air Doors. From size variations to design choices, retailers can tailor these doors to seamlessly integrate with their brand aesthetic and specific operational needs.

Smart Design for Increased Security

Security is a top priority for retailers. Air Doors contribute to the overall security of the store. They act as a deterrent to external elements. Additionally, they provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Safety concerns are also minimized through improved visibility of open doorways, the elimination of frost and ice on the floor, and the absence of moving door parts. HCR transforms the concept of an unobstructed, wide-open doorway into a tangible reality, facilitating your workers to navigate freely and efficiently.

Seamless Integration with Technology

Innovation is at the core of all Jamison’s offerings. From our cold storage cooler doors to high performance freezer doors. HCR Air Doors seamlessly integrate with modern technologies, allowing for easy control and monitoring. This smart design ensures that retailers can manage their environmental control systems with efficiency and precision.

HCR technology is widely used in temperature-controlled environments. Famous for saving energy and fixing moisture problems in large ASRS grocery centers. It also helps with walk-in freezers in Grocery Retail and Food Service.

Various conveyor systems have also seen positive results with HCR technology. Anywhere moisture infiltration challenges the refrigeration system, HCR technology can be applied for effective solutions.

Quality Manufacturing and Engineering

HCR guarantees quality across their manufacturing processes, from the metal cutting laser machine to the powder coating system. As an approved UL control panel manufacturer, HCR is relied upon by customers to apply the right engineering for their needs and create suitable air door units. HCR’s engineering team uses CFD modeling to thoroughly assess the design, ensuring it achieves the desired results. This blend of engineering expertise, manufacturing proficiency, and on-site experience is what customers expect and receive from HCR.

Compliance and Certification

Meeting industry standards and regulations is critical. Jamison takes pride in ensuring that its HCR Air Doors comply with relevant safety and quality certifications. Providing retailers with peace of mind regarding the reliability and safety of their chosen solution.

The effectiveness of HCR’s recirculatory air door technology was further validated in recent years through rigorous testing at the Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS) laboratories in Urbana, Illinois. The outcomes affirmed that the HCR Model AC (single Air Door) attains an impressive 80% energy efficiency in halting air infiltration and energy transfer between spaces with disparate temperatures.

CTS Test Labs

CTS Labs is an independent facility that tests performance for industries with specific heating and cooling needs. The lab’s focus centers on evaluating products that contribute to environmental sustainability, enhance energy efficiency, and reduce overall energy consumption. Distinguished as one of the limited testing facilities in North America, CTS Labs provides credible confirmation of advertised performance specifications.

No other recirculatory air door manufacturer has ever done something of this nature. As a result, HCR wrote and presented a white paper detailing these discoveries at the national conferences for both RETA and IIAR. By doing this, HCR gained widespread acceptance and respect among refrigeration engineers across North America.

Jamison: Your Retail Solution

Jamison Door Company’s high quality HCR Air Doors are more than just entryways. They are a strategic investment for retailers looking to create a superior shopping experience, enhance energy efficiency, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry. With a focus on innovation, comfort, and durability, Jamison continues to be a trusted partner for retailers worldwide. Setting the stage for the future of retail environments.

Discover new opportunities, embrace innovation, and enter a new era of excellent retail with Jamison HCR Air Doors.

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