Banana Room Series “50” Type Metal Clad Door


Metal clad single or double leaf swing doors.

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Banana Room Series “50” Type Metal Clad Door

Door Features

Product Specifications

Supply where indicated on plans Jamison Series “50” Single Leaf Banana Room Door. Door leaf to be constructed of 7/8″ plywood front and 3/8″ plywood back with reinforcement for hardware attachment. Door to be metal clad with #26 gauge stucco embossed white steel.

Door leaf to be filled with 4″ of fiberglass insulation with an R value of 16 at 40° F.

Wood frame to be constructed of 1 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ casings and 1 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ jambs with angle iron sill for embedding into concrete floor. All exposed surfaces metal clad #26 gauge stucco embossed white steel.

Gasket at sides and head of door lip to be grease resistant synthetic skin with resilient sponge core, sill gasket to be sweep type.

Hardware to consist of steel strap hinges and multi-point fastener complete with inside release handle. Wedge-action fastener to exert compression simultaneously on top, bottom and sides without shock to protect instrumentation. Hinges to be 3″ wide steel straps with grease fitted hinge pins in cast iron butts. All hardware to have corrosion protected finish.

Options & Accessories

  1. Double leaf door available. Specify active leaf (leaf that opens first).
  2. Steel frames available.
  3. Spring-loaded special drop sill assembly.
  4. Cam-lift hinges (Doors 5’0″ wide and less).
  5. View window.
  6. Metal clad wicket door.
  7. Locking provisions and safety release. Safety release feature permits door hardware to be released, thus eliminating possibility of personnel being locked in room.
  8. For door sizes 14’0″ height in clear and less, request plyfoam type metal clad door.
  9. All steel banana room doors available, request ADS-111.