Specialty Doors

Jamison Door Company designs, manufactures, and installs various types of specialty doors.


Clear Vinyl Strip Curtain Door

Versatile Low-Cost, See-Through Door For Many Openings Where Better Control of Temperature, Dust, Fumes, Noise or Air Flow is Needed


Smokehouse Door

All steel construction door for use in high-temperature applications.


100th Anniversary Door

Jamison Door Company has captured 100 years of door making experience and artistry in this beautifully-hand crafted limited edition door. Made with genuine ¾” thick oak lumber and bronze finished hardware, this signature door replicates early 1900s door design in classic Art Deco style.

The latch and hinges are the authentic Jamison originals. There is no better choice if looking for something beautiful, unique, and high quality.


Banana Room All Steel Door

Metal clad or all steel single or double leaf door.


Banana Room Series “50” Type Metal Clad Door

Metal clad single or double leaf swing doors


Mark IV® Controlled Atmosphere

Single leaf horizontal sliding manually operated door.



Manually operated UL 3 hour rated single leaf horizontal sliding cooler and freezer fire doors.
Power operation can be added and comes with a letter of compliance since the door has only been tested as manual.

Feature Product:
pcav chester va_3_pyramid
PCAV® Push-Thru Conditioned Air Vestibule

A conditioned air vestibule that uses a push-to-open versus a motorized opening.
U.S. Pat. No. 10,921,049 and Patents Pending

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Service & Installation Learning Institute:
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Jamison Door offers the widest selection of industrial doors to suit just about every imaginable application in the market.

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Company History:
Jamison Door history
Over 110 Years and One Million Doors

Take a journey through the history of North American custom manufactured cold storage doors and specialty doors.

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Feature Product:
Industrial, Manufacturing & Recycling

We offer the widest selection of industrial doors to suit just about every imaginable application.

Whether it swings, rolls, slides, uses a curtain of air or RFID technology, a Jamison door is built for performance.

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Jamison Mexico:

The largest manufacturer of temperature controlled doors in Mexico.

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Jamison China:

Jingxue manufactures the Jamison HCR product line for all of China.

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