Smokehouse Door


All steel construction door for use in high-temperature applications.

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Smokehouse Door

Door Features

  • All-Steel Construction Door
  • For use in high-temperature applications
  • “No-slam” latch designed to protect against shock to room instrumentation
  • Single or double leaf

Architectural Data Sheets

Product Specifications

Supply where indicated on plans Jamison Double Leaf Smokehouse Door, all steel construction.

Door panel to be constructed of #12 gauge steel pans, front and back, welded together. Door leaves to be insulated with 2″ of fiber glass and provided with internal bracing for hardware attachment and structural integrity. Door to be painted after assembly.

Frame to be constructed of 3″ x 3″ x 3/8″ angle for high (step up type) sill and furnished with ears or anchors for attachment to wall. (ARCHITECT TO SPECIFY EARS OR ANCHORS – Ears for bolting frame to existing masonry wall or anchors for erecting frame in new masonry wall.) Complete unit to be painted after fabrication.

Gasket to be rectangular, closed cell, heat resistant rubber. Galvanized adjustable sealing bars, #14 gauge, to be provided at sides and head of frame for maximum smoke-tight continous seal. Heat resistant gasket to be provided between sealing bar and frame.

Hardware to consist of multipoint interconnected “wedging” fastener with inside release handle and steel strap hinges. All hardware to have hot dipped galvanized finish and bolted to steel reinforcement welded to back of front pan.

Special Notes:

Door leaf over 4′ wide or 10′ high to be insulated with 3″ of fiber glass and larger angle frame required.

If doors are to be used where steam or excessive moisture conditions prevail such as “Low Pressure” cookers, etc., add to specifications – doors to be hermetically sealed.

Options & Accessories

  1. Single leaf door available.
  2. View window – 8″ diameter double strength clear glass, set in heatproof compound. Serves as emergency release in addition to standard back handle – front handle can be reached through opening after glass is broken.
  3. Trucking sill – allows truck traffic through doorway – sweeper type sill gasket provided on bottom of door.
  4. Overhead track rail – active leaf (leaf that opens first) notched to admit track rail and notch supplied with heat resistant gasket to be cut and fitted at job site.
  5. Steel channel frames available.
  6. Stainless construction available – substitute in basic specifications:
  7. Front and back door pans to be #14 gauge stainless steel, #4 finish.
  8. Steel angle frame to be covered on all exposed surfaces with #24 gauge stainless steel, #4 finish.
  9. Hardware to have chrome plated finish (unpolished).
  10. #14 gauge stainless steel (#4 finish) adjustable sealing bars.