Jamison is proud to be an approved supplier to the U.S. government.

As a member of the GSA Schedules Program, Jamison partners with the federal government and its contractors in addressing a wide range of requirements. For example:


  • RFID is quickly becoming the preferred technology to track and manage the government and military supply chain. Jamison RFID doors efficiently and accurately process fleets of The United States Marine Corps wheeled vehicles, general rolling stock and high value assets, maintaining visibility and equipment status.
  • Jamison Cold Storage doors are the #1 choice for Navy ships and also are used on many military bases.
  • Government parking facilities use Jamison rolling shutter doors. 
  • Jamison has a long history of manufacturing special test cell doors for all types of applications.  From chambers that test munitions firing from tanks at sub zero temperatures to temperature extremes for satelites.

If you represent a federal contractor or government agency in need of an industrial door solution, contact us for more information. 


Model AC Air Curtain

AC Air Curtain

Model AC is HCR's basic unit -- Horizontal, Curvilinear, and Recirculatory. Its air stream produces counter-flow forces equal and opposite to the two-way flow-through forces caused by air temperature differences.

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ASSD Fast-Acting Traffic Door

The Model ASSD is a swift opening and closing motorized strip-door.  Strip-door operation is easily adjusted to suit traffic speed. 

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The optimal solution for large openings.  This door is designed for continual use, can be installed inside or outside of buildings, and has a simple modular design making for a fast and easy installation.

The strong belted opening system and self-supporting structure (up to 22'6") ensures maximum functionality even for large dimensions and high wind loads.

The door design consists of a U-shaped column section finished with a rubber seal on each side to protect the curtain when operating.

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